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Eric Theodore Cartman é um personagem fictício da série animada South Park.Junto com Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski e Stan Marsh é um dos 4 personagens principais do desenho. [1] Todos eles com idade na faixa dos 8 e 10 anos. Por ser gordo, é motivo de piadas para várias crianças e outros personagens da série Liane Cartman is originally voiced by Mary Kay Bergman and later by Eliza J. Schneider and April Stewart. She is the sweet-natured single mother of Eric Cartman. Initially, her promiscuity, often with total strangers, was a running gag. It seemed as though all of the adults in South Park had slept with her (including the women). Although in episode 7, she is indicated to be a crack whore.

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Eric Theodore Cartman, usually referred to by his family name, Cartman, is one of the central characters of South Park. Cartman is darkly antisocial, portrayed as being extremely evil and often reacting in violent and over-dramatic ways to any event that involves him in the series. Common examples of such behavior include a dislike and often open hatred of any race or group to which he does. Tenorman, faisant Scott Tenorman son demi-frère... et d'être largement responsable du meurtre d'un de ses propres parents. Cartman est aussi connu comme le tristement célèbre super-héros Le Coon. Il a d'abord rejoint une équipe de super-héros avec les garçons pour former Le Coon et sa bande, mais quand ils se tournèrent tous contre lui, il a fait équipe avec le Seigneur des.

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Eric Theodore Cartman, also known simply as Cartman, is the main antagonist as well as the deuteragonist villain of the animated series South Park. He is Kyle and Stan's arch-nemesis. He is voiced by Trey Parker, one of the show's creators. He is the son of Liane Cartman, whom he frequently manipulates and mistreats. His closest friends are Kenny and Leopold Butters Stotch, whom Cartman. Romantic Relationships Ex-Girlfriend. Eric Cartman has a surprising history with Heidi Turner that goes back quite a while.. When Cartman began to lead a Church in South Park at the end of the kids' third grade year, he attracted the attention of kids far and wide throughout the town including a girl named 'Marcy'. The church ended up to be a get-rich-quick scheme resulting in her father's death Eric Theodore Cartman, interpretado en la versión en inglés original por Trey Parker, es un personaje ficticio de la serie animada estadounidense South Park. Es el protagonista principal de la serie por ser el personaje más amado y odiado a la vez, junto con Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski y Kenny McCormick, ellos le dan ese humor a la serie. Filmografia South Park, South Park: Bigger, Longer. Cartman's House is the home of Eric Cartman and Liane Cartman, as well as the gateway to Kupa Keep.. Appearance. Cartman's House is green on the outside and is a standard South Park house with four windows on the front and a garage to the right of the house Gluttony: Cartman uses 2 doses with one potion, doubling its effectiveness. Magic Missile: Cartman throws a tampon at an opponent for small Gross damage and Gross Out status effect. Flame Strike: Sprays the first two foes in a row with fire! Targets start Burning if done perfectly. Burning Cloud: Blasts all enemies with a mighty fart. It will.

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Cartman as an anime ninja from Good Times with Weapons. Cartman being interviewed in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining similar to the style of reality TV shows. Cartman being tamed by Cesar Millan Eric Cartman is the main anti-hero of the Comedy Central cartoon series, South Park. He is Kyle and Stan's arch-nemesis. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Eric Cartman vs Bart Simpson (Completed), Dan Vs Eric Cartman (Completed), Dexter vs Eric Cartman, Eddy vs Eric Cartman (Completed), Jimmy Hopkins vs. Eric Cartman, Porky Minch vs Eric Cartman (Abandoned), Eric Cartman vs Rick Sanchez, Scrooge McDuck. Eric Cartman is the deuteragonist of South Park. He is a fat-ass and is a racist. Most other kids hate him. He hates Kyle for being jewish, Kenny for being poor and Stan because of his girl friend, Wendy Testaburger and because Stan is best friends with Kyle. At first it was thought that cartmans mom was a intersexual and she had a penuis in cartmans mom is still a dirty slut however it was. Plot. After fourth grader Eric Cartman boasts to his classmates of owning an iPad, and mocks them for not having one, he is humiliated when it is revealed that he actually does not own one.When he and his mother Liane go to Best Buy to buy an iPad, the item's exorbitant price prompts her to suggest buying a less expensive Toshiba HandiBook. The demanding Cartman, who had his mind set on the.

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Eric Theodore Cartman is a deranged 10 year old and the main antagonist as well as the deuteragonist villain of South Park. His closest friends are Kyle Broflovski, Kenny Mccormick and Stan Marsh all of who he has clashed with. His arch-rivals are Kyle and Stan due to his anti-semitism though Cartman is intolerant of basically everyone. Because his mother Lianne fails to discipline him Cartman. Eric Cartman is a fat child found in the famous cartoon series; South Park. Cartman is the most well known character in the whole series, usually getting everyone in trouble and calling Kyle a Jew all the time in an offensive way. In M.U.G.E.N, Eric Cartman has been made by various creators Eric Theodore Cartman is the main antagonist and tritagonist of South Park. Cartman is very antagonistic and manipulative. Because of that, Eric Cartman is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in an adult sitcom and a cultural icon. He is placed 10th on the list of 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time by TV Guide. He is Kyle and Stan's arch-rival. Cartman is morbidly obese.

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Eric Theodore Cartman, usually referred to as just Cartman, is the tritagonist and main antagonist of South Park. None of the other three main children consider Cartman their friend and do not know why they started hanging out with him in the first place, however, he is usually Kyle's first choice when he breaks his friendship with Stan. In earlier episodes, Kenny was his best friend, however. Eric Cartman. This is only a brief summary. For more information, please visit the Eric Cartman page at South Park Wiki.. Respect my authoritah! — Eric Eric Cartman is one of the four main protagonists in the South Park series.Eric is a bully, and is almost never friendly towards his friends and family Dan Vs Eric Cartman is a What If Death Battle by Pure King of Rage. Dan Vs South Park: Two Wrathful Characters that would go through extreme lengths to get revenge and have an idiot best friend/accomplice by their side. Would Dan get his revenge or would Cartman get Dan to respect his authority.. Sheriff Cartman is Eric Cartman's Adventure set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer. When his ability is activated, Sheriff Cartman will whip out two pistols and spin around and start firing them rapidly, damaging all enemies within range, including the New Kid

Cartman's House is a place of residence in South Park. Its first appearance was in the Season one episode, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe. Cartman's house looks the same as the other houses in South Park. In its earlier appearances it was shown a brown color but it has recently been seen in green Eric Theodore Cartman, normalmente referido como apenas Cartman, é um dos personagens principais, juntamente com Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski e Kenny McCormick. Nenhum dos outros três filhos principal consideram Cartman seu amigo e não sei por que eles começaram a sair com ele, em primeiro lugar, no entanto, ele é geralmente a primeira escolha de Kyle quando ele rompe sua amizade com Stan. Eric Theodore Cartman, often referred to just by his surname, is one of the main characters of the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Parker.Cartman is one of four central characters in South Park, along with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick.Cartman first appeared, originally in prototypical form in a 1992 animated short. Cartman vs Chucky is a battle by The Sayain Jedi SOUTH PARK VS CHILD'S PLAY! SEASON 1 EPISODE 1! Which one of these small psycho's with no remorse for human life will win a fight to the death Eric Theodore Cartman, ou apenas Cartman, é um dos personagens principais, junto a Stanley Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, e Kenny McCormick. Em alguns episódios, como em Trapper Keeper, ele é o principal antagonista da trama. Nenhum dos três garotos principais considera Cartman seu amigo e não se sabe o porquê de eles andarem juntos, mas uma certa forma de amizade instável acaba se formando.

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Eric Theodore Cartman, comúnmente llamado Cartman, es un personaje ficticio de la serie de dibujos animados estadounidense South Park. Fue creado improvisadamente por Trey Parker y Matt Stone y apareció como un prototipo y modelo base de un corto llamado The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty (1992), pero debutó oficialmente en el episodio Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, estrenado el 13 de. —Eric Cartman in A Swell Seizure ☀Eric Theodore Cartman, often known as just his last name, is cool, sexy, confident and two steps ahead of everybody else.He still has a few surprising quirks, not the least of which is his choice of friends, including having Stan Marsh as his new best friend. He is the secondary main protagonist of The South Park Show franchise. created by Matt Stone and. Liane Cartman Gender Female Hair Color Brown Occupation Former Porn Queen / Prostitute / Model for Crack-whore Magazine Religion Roman Catholic Father The Official South Park Studios Wik Eric Theodore Cartman, souvent appelé simplement Cartman, est un personnage principal dans la animée série télévisée South Park, créé par Matt Stone et Trey Parker, et exprimé par Parker.Cartman est l' un des quatre personnages centraux dans South Park, ainsi que Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski et Kenny McCormick.Cartman première apparition, à l' origine du nom de Kenny, sous forme. [Cartman holds down Kyles arm while raising his own and grunts] Kyle: Ow! Quit it, dude! Mrs. Garrison: Okay Eric, Jesus, calm down. You can go first. Cartman: HA! [gets up and goes to the board, pulls down the projector screen and clears his throat.

As with all Wikia content, content from SPA is licensed under the CC Attribution-Share Alike License, more information is available here. Eric Theodore Cartman (commonly known as Cartman ) is the deuteragonist of the American TV show, South Park Eric Theodore Cartman, comunemente conosciuto come Cartman, è uno dei personaggi principali della serie animata South Park, insieme con Stan, Kyle e Kenny.Si caratterizza come il personaggio più cattivo, antagonista e antieroe della serie.. È uno dei personaggi più popolari dello show, nonché il preferito degli autori, i quali hanno affermato che il personaggio rappresenta la parte più. Bart saw this so he then grabbed his sling shot and started firing at Cartman the two projectiles colliding in the air, cancelling each other out. Bart then leaped on top of a wall, Bart kept firing stone after stone at Eric who dodged it and fired many rounds. Bart jumped off the other side of the wall and Eric gave chase Liane Cartman é a mãe de Eric Cartman. Ela faz muitas apresentações ao longo da série e é considerada um dos pais mais preminentes de South Park. Liane é uma boa índole individual, mas com uma vantagem definitiva para ela. Sua voz é normalmente gentil e suave (mas soando ainda meu bogao pelud

Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut is the first season finale of the animated television series South Park, and the 13th overall episode of the series. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on February 25, 1998. It is part one of a two-episode story arc, which concluded with Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut. The episode follows Eric Cartman, one of the show's child. Cartman was born as a normal person. By the time he was 4, he started watching snuff porn and R rated movies. Cartman then became addicted to Sos and KFC. He befriended 3 other kids that see him as a racist. Cartman became traumatized by this and starting dealing drugs and Ebola Cola. He is now on the FBI most wanted list Eric Theodore Cartman, tunnetaan paremmin sukunimellään Cartman, on yksi piirrossarja South Parkin päähahmoista. Cartman on ollut sarjassa mukana alusta alkaen ja on tullut tunnetuksi lennokkaiden lauseiden, lihavuutensa, ahneutensa, kielenkäyttönsä sekä pilailujensa takia

Eric Theodore Cartman a South Park című amerikai animációs sorozat egyik szereplője. Osztálytársaival és barátaival, Stan Marshsal, Kyle Broflovskival, valamint Kenny McCormickkal együtt a sorozat központi alakja. Eredeti hangját Trey Parker kölcsönzi, magyar hangja Csőre Gábor. A televízióban Cartman 1997. augusztus 13-án, a South Park első epizódjának sugárzásakor. Cartman is#02 in Pop! South Park. The first wave of South Park Pop!s was announced in December 2016 to be released in February of 2017 Zen Cartman is a 3-cost tank from the Mystical theme who is available at rank 10 can taunt nearby enemies to attack him. 1 Update History 2 Quotes 3 Strategy 4 Trivia 5 Card Stats 09/07/17 Ability no longer affects allies. Ability no longer remains effective after death. 12/20/17 Ability radius decreased to 2.2. 05/17/18 Bug involving headhunters continuing to attack Zen Cartman after his. Eric Theodore Cartman, interpretat în engleză de către Trey Parker, este un personaj fictiv din serialul de desene animate South Park.Este unul dintre cele patru personaje principale, toți copii în vârstă de opt ani. Cartman este prost crescut, egoist, aproape narcisist, temperamental, manipulator, neloial, laș, rasist, agresiv și sfidează pe toată lumea, chiar și pe cei care îl. Eric Theodore Cartman is a character from the Comedy Central television show South Park. Most the information on this page is about Cartman's personality and role in the Threadbare South Park fanfictions. For more canon information on Cartman, visit his page on the South Park Archives

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe is the first episode of the first season of South Park, including the Unaired Pilot - it was the first episode of South Park. It first aired on August 13, 1997. In this first official, construction paper made episode of south park, Cartman is abducted by visitors, who give him an anal probe. The visitors also kidnap Ike when Kyle abandons him at the bus stop and he. Eric Theodore Cartman er en fiktiv karakter fra den amerikanske animerede tv-serie South Park.Han er en af de fire hovedpersoner sammen med Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski og Kenny McCormick.Han er ofte portrætteret som seriens skurk i opposition til sine venner, der almindeligvis kalder ham ved hans efternavn Cartman handelt meist sadistisch, berechnend und egoistisch (Charakterzüge, die in späteren Staffeln mehr und mehr offensichtlich werden). Auch seine Abneigung gegen Hippies (in den ersten Staffeln mit Ökofritzen übersetzt) ist unübersehbar. In frühen Folgen der Serie ist Kenny sein bester Freund, später nimmt jedoch der gutmütige.

Eric Cartman vs SpongeBob is the sayain Jedi's fifth OMM! SOUTH PARK VS SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! This battle between the most popular adult cartoon character vs the most popular child cartoon character will win a ONE MINUTE MELEE Cartman is number 2 in Pop! South Park. He is from the South Park franchise. Cartman is one of the four main characters of the show with Stan, Kyle,& Kenny. He is a student at South Park Elementary who lives with his mother. He is aggressive, prejudiced, and arrogant. He is depicted to be highly intelligent as he is able to execute successful building ideas, and plans. His behavior is very. Eric Theodore Cartman, usually referred to as just Cartman, is one of the main characters, along with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. Cartman is sometimes the main antagonist of an episode, for example Trapper Keeper. None of the other three main children really consider Cartman their friend and do not know why they started hanging out with him in the first place, but a.

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  1. In this season premiere episode, Jo heads to New York to help Jessica Cartman (42) and her four daughters. With dad John (45) in Iraq, it's hard for Jessica to discipline their daughters together. The oldest daughter, Madelyn (13 1/2) is well-behaved and is having her birthday next week
  2. Eric Cartman is one of the four main characters of the animated comedy South Park. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Bart Simpson Vs. Eric Cartman, Eric Cartman vs Mandy, Eric Cartman vs Princess Morbucks, Stewie Griffin vs Eric Cartman, Eric Cartman vs Danie
  3. Eric Theodore Cartman (better known as Cartman by the boys, fans, and others) is one of the main antagonists in the South Park series. He is one of the five main and well-known characters of South Park, along with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters (in later seasons). Cartman is a very popular and well-known South Park character, and has become an international celebrity. Most of the time, he is.
  4. Eric Cartman was a vicious, psychotic Human child who took pleasure in the suffering of others, and causing much chaos in his home multiverse, the South Park Multiverse. He was foul-tempered, mouthed, and was greatly disliked by other residents of his reality, and with good reason, as he committed murder and started wars on various occasions
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Cast Eric Cartman (South Park) as Peter Pan Sally Acorn (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Wendy Timmy Turner (The Fairly Oddparents) as John Darling Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) as Michael Darling Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) as George Darling Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) as Mary Darling Professor Z (Cars 2) as Captain Hook White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland (1951)) as Mr. Smee Lemons (Cars 2) as.

Liane Cartman is the mother of eric cartman and she has had sex with every man in town at first it was thought she was a transexit as seen in cartmans mom is still a dity slut however it later turned out she had an affiar with jack tenormen Liane Cartman is a fictional character in Trey and Matt's most famous creation, South Park. She is the mother of Eric Cartman. Despite being motherly and sweet she is also extremely sexual and works as a prostitute Eric Theodore Cartman, or better known as Eric Cartman or commonly known by his surname Cartman, is the main antagonist as well as the tritagonist of the adult animated sitcom South Park; he is usually a morally ambiguous anti-hero, anti-villain, antagonist or protagonist villain. He is an 8-to-10-year-old boy who lives in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado near Denver. He has been the. Eric Cartman Is a Character From South Park. How He Actually Appears. Info . Voice: Eric Born: 1997 (When South Park Started) Age: 10 Gender: Male Series: South Park (Goanimate Cameo and Areppeare

Megan Cartman is a main character in the stories Laura and Ashley. Megan was born on the 26th of March 2002 and is the oldest child of her parents. She has one younger brother James (b 2008). At primary school, Megan was something of a loner, thanks to her need to wear glasses and her being slightly overweight. One of her closest friends was a boy named Leon White, who would eventually go to. Vicki Cartman Millennium Green is in Skipton, North Yorkshire Contents . Location Edit. on Skipton's Greatwood Estate near Whinny Gill reservoir. History of the Green Edit. The Green was named after a local campaigner who tragically died whilst still a teenager. Millennium Feature Edi Add Image This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself! My favorite pages Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here! Favorite page #2 Favorite page #

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Eric Theodore Cartman is the overall deuteragonist of the long-running Comedy Central show South Park, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and voiced by Trey Parker. He appeared in every Christmas episode of the show to date, including the original short The Spirit of Christmas . Cartman, generally referred to by his surname, is one of four central characters in South Park, in addition to. Eric Theodore Cartman - dziewięciolatek, jeden z głównych bohaterów animowanego serialu South Park, obok Kyle'a Broflovskiego, Stana Marsha i Kenny'ego McCormicka. W oryginale głosu użycza mu Trey Parker. Eric, zwykle nazywany po prostu Cartmanem, jest zapatrzonym w siebie typowym przykładem rozpieszczonego dziecka, egoisty, rasisty, antysemity, manipulującego innymi ludźmi i. Cartman azonban - azt gondolva, hogy a többiek nem látják vagy hallják őt -, azt hiszi, meghalt, és lelke a Földön ragadt. Hazaérve meglátja a szerelőket egy koporsó-szerű dobozt cipelve, miközben a végzetes hibáról (a túl sok csirkebőréről) beszélgetnek, mely eltömítette a rendszert (valójában a WC-t), és az. Plot. Cartman's grandmother dies and leaves $1 million to him in her will.Rather than invest the money or donate it to Goodwill, Cartman purchases North Park Funland, an amusement park owned by Frank Fun. As Frank signs the park over to Cartman, he admits that it has been a financial failure

Eric Theodore Cartman is a character on South Park voiced by Trey Parker, he is one of the five main characters on South Park (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters). His birthday is July 1st. Contents[show] Appearance Cartman wears a red jacket, yellow gloves and a blue hat with a yellow puff ball on top, brown pants, and black shoes. He sometimes wears a green T-shirt under his jacket, and other. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Cartman throws and indescribable object at his enemy in a straight line. Taken from South Park: The Stick of Truth Works similarly to his special ability in South Park: Tenorman's Revenge. Cartman thrusts himself forward and depending on how close the opponent is to Cartman, he will either launch them (at close range) or knock them to the ground Cartman Family/Trivia < Cartman Family. Edit. History Comments Share. Elyce's favorite classic cartoons are The Jetsons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Tom and Jerry, and The Flintstones. Supernanny Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community Cartman with Clyde is#14 in Pop! South Park. At some point in 2017, after the release of the second wave of South Park Pop!s, Cartman with Clyde was announced to be exclusive to GameStop

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